Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Scarf boarder

I originally posted this on my sewing blog but It also contains crochet. This simple way of using left over yarn can be used on any scarf, one made by you or a purchased scarf. If you are using a purchased scarf skip to the boarder part.

These summer floral scarf's seem to be everywhere and when I took a closer look at one in a shop I realised just how simple it would be to make one for myself.
This pattern is really simple but does require you to know how to sew.


You will need:

  • Floral material, something you think would be suitable for a summer scarf. (I measured my favourite scarf which turned out to be 48cm by 175cm)
  • Matching  or contrasting thread (I used white to bring forward the white in the material)
  • A crochet hook (4mm preferably but any size would do)
  • Double knitting yarn
The main scarf

Fold over all four of the sides about 1cm, so that wrong sides of the fold are facing.
Pin in place
Next sew around the edge of the material so as to secure all the rough edges out of sight.

The boarder

A point = chain 3 and slip stich into the first chain.
  1. Chain 72, if you are using the same measurements I did. If you are using your own measurements of your shorter sides then any number devisable by 3 should work.
  2. (single crochet 3 and then create a point) repeat this all the way across your chain.
  3. Now simple sew this onto the shorter ends of your scarf and voila you have a new summer scarf.

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